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The Gold Maxx Power is an exceptional detector to find the smallest targets in difficults type of soil (mineralized).
Its (18 kHz) search frequency, makes it a very sensitive to targets that are usually very difficult to detect, such as thin coins, gold nuggets, jewellery and all other small objects.

The Gold Maxx Power is very versatile machine, it can be easily adjusted to your detecting needs, thanks to the Multi-Tone mode, IRON LEVEL and the IRON THRESHOLD adjustments.

We chose instant sound signalling, rather than an LCD display because of the extraordinary audio analysis, the human ear is capable of compared to an LCD display.
LCD displays cannot respond in real time and do not capture weak signals that are too small or too close to other signals.

The Gold Maxx Power sound signalling provides real-time output of the smallest signal, so the operator has maximum target information in audio form.

Our detectors use wide scan search heads (Double D), because this coil geometry allows for better grounds penetration.

The optional elliptical 24×11 search coil will improve target selectivity when searching heavily contaminated land such as area’s with iron trash, this is where the Gold Maxx Power excels.

When you use an XP product you will appreciate the sturdiness and the manufacturing quality of our equipment. Because a metal detector is generally used in extreme conditions, we have given full attention to the most sensitive parts. The Gold Maxx Power has been developed and manufactured with quality components and material, thus ensuring your XP detector a maximum useful life

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