GDS2000 Underground Gold Treasure Hunting Metal Detector



New Arrival GDS2000 professional industrial metal detectors Underground Treasure Hunting Gold Metal Detector

GDS2000 is very suitable for beginners or experienced professionals. It is one of the most praised metal detectors.It can meet all your metal testing needs.

Search coil: 5 “x 10” DD coil and 5 “DD coil are equipped as standard to cover more ground and search deeper or detect narrow space more accurately
Precision positioning mode: including precision positioning mode, which can help you locate the target with high accuracy.
Backlight: the blue LED backlight helps to detect when the light is dark
Intuitive and efficient control: direct drive button for the most commonly used control. Easy access menu adjustments for other controls
All metal detection: detect iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver, etc
Iron exclusion: the metal discrimination mode helps you ignore unwanted metals
Durable: easy to use, ergonomic design weighs only 3kg, excellent detection depth and solid design.
What does it include: 5 “x 10” DD coil and 5 “DD coil, wired headset, battery carrier

Search mode: all metal mode, metal discrimination mode, precision mode
Working frequency (kHz): 12.8khz
Length: 140cm
Weight: 3kg
Standard coil: 5 “x 10” DD coil and 5 “DD coil
Ground balance: Manual
Headphones provided: wired headphones
Display: monochrome LED with blue backlight
Battery : 6 × AA battery or 2 × 9V battery
Audio output: built in speaker or 3.5mm (1 / 8 “) earphone
Target ID: 1-100
Volume: level 10
Sensitivity: 1-99

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