New Version GR300




Depth:50M at most
Screen: Graphical LED digital screen display(0.5×6.5)
Screen back light:Red,Yellow,Green LED
Microprocessor: American,24 MHz
Control buttons: mnul mode and automatic search scanning
Laser scanner antennas: Telescopic,1 piece
Handle: Connection with special hub, removable,rotatable,with sensitive bearing,special rubber coated.
Operating voltage:9.6V-12V
Battery:built-in rechargeable battery(NiCr)1000mAh 2pieces
Nominal current:1A Laser:5mW, 5V
Hardcase: ABS,sponge coated
Weight: 5kg(Hardcase included)


1. The main unit of the device HAWKEYE New Version.
2. The main processing unit and settings.
3. Screen includes the device Options list.
4. The power switch ON/OFF.
5. Entrance sending antennas.
6. Entrance receiving antennas.
7. Entrance for the Charger.
8. 12 volt rechargeable built in battery.
9. Super Antenna to cover vast areas with speed searching.
10. 2 antennas for reception and transmission the signal.
11. The corresponding four metal element models of controller, receiving and transmitting
signals from the main unit.
12. The power switch ON/OFF for the controller.
13. Entrance receiving antennas for the controller.
14. Entrance for the Charger.
15. 12 volt rechargeable built in battery.
16. 12 volt Household charger for the main unit and for the controller.
17. Bag anti shocks to carry and save the device and its accessories.
18. User manual standard configuration languages English,the other need book.
Packaging & Shipping
Carton size :50*21*34cm

G.W. 4KG /unit

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